Homeowners and potential homeowners alike often wonder when they will require a full home inspection, and why. A home inspection is a visual observation of a home that takes the time to inspect the home from basement or foundation to the top of the roof. It checks the structure and the integrity of the systems of the home and the facility that is being inspected. There are many times that a full home inspection is required, here are some of the main reasons for a full home inspection.

Heating Systems

A good home inspection will check the heating system and determine if it’s working properly. If there is also a cooling system, this too will be inspected. They will check to ensure that the duct system is working right and not clogged anywhere and to see that all of the components of the system are properly functioning.


There’s nothing worse than a bad plumbing system that isn’t functioning properly. The inspection will inspect the interior plumbing and ensure that the septic or public sewer system is properly functioning as well as the rest of the water system.


Old electrical panels can pose a serious fire hazard. The inspection will check to see that all breakers are properly working and that the system is up to code. Codes are ever changing and many older homes are still on old-fashioned fuse systems and must be brought up to compliance to be safe.


The integrity of the roof will be examined. If there are areas that require repairs the inspector will make note of them and the house may not pass the inspection until such repairs have been made.


If there is an attic or an attic space in the home the inspector will also examine this. They will check for insulation, obvious leaks in the ceiling, wild animals (bats in the attic etc.) and other potential hazards that must be addressed.


Many older homes don’t have proper insulation. Inspectors will check for visible insulation and if it’s not there they will give a recommendation for proper insulation.

Doors And Windows

Doors and windows should all seal properly. They should open and close (if that is the type of window it is) with ease and be properly sealed to help seal out the elements of weather. If this isn’t the case the inspector will make notes of it for the loan or homeowner.


Many older homes need a new foundation or repairs to the older foundation. The foundation will be carefully examined.

Structural Components

A lot of older homes have had remodeling done, however, not all of the remodels have been given permits and with good reason. Some of them are not done properly and should be returned to their original state or need to be reinforced. The inspection will note this information for the potential homeowner or the homeowner.


If the basement floods every year, there are obviously some issues. Other things that the inspector may look for include mold and mildew as well as the basement being structurally sound.


Inspectors will also test for poisonous chemicals such as radon or asbestos. Understanding what a potential homeowner or a homeowner is facing is tantamount to staying healthy and safe.

It can be very nerve-wracking for a potential homeowner to have an inspection done on their home purchase. There are many reasons that inspections are required. A home is a huge investment and knowing what you’re facing is vital to being able to properly maintain your home.

Potential homeowners want to know that they’re getting what they pay for and that they aren’t going to wind up having to make costly repairs. Homeowners may be refinancing or planning to add on to their home and need to know the proper details before they make any changes to their home.

Understanding what a home needs and requires will help a person to make the right choice regarding whether or not to purchase a particular home or to refinance a home and have repairs made. The potential homeowner or the homeowners don’t necessarily need to be present for the inspection, but it will be helpful if they are and it can help the potential homeowner or the homeowner to understand the requirements of the inspection.

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